Collapsing edges in directed Cytoscape network
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23 months ago

I have a directed network I'm visualizing in Cytoscape that's very connected. To help clean it up, I want to collapse edges where there's both A->B and B->A, so that these two are viewed as a single edge, while still keeping the graph directed. Is this possible to do?

To give a small example:

Two nodes with two directed edges between them

Instead of having two edges here, I'd like for it to be displayed as one edge with a target on either end.

I know there's a way to remove duplicate edges while ignoring directionality, but I want to preserve the directed nature of the graph. Thanks for any info you can give.

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22 months ago
scooter ▴ 620

Well, collapsing edges and preserving directionality is obviously difficult :-) You could switch to haystack edges, which would simplify the network a bit. Look in the edge style under Properties for "Stacking". Then select "Haystack" and see if that helps.

-- scooter


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