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11 days ago

Single Cell Portal was developed to facilitate sharing scientific results and data from single cell experiments. Visit Single Cell Portal at

When you make a public study in the portal, others will be able to:

  • View visualizations of the cells with interactive cluster plots.
  • Visualize the expression of genes plotted across cells and grouped by metadata.
  • Download data to further explore and build on your science, generating collaborations and citations in the scientific literature.

As a study owner you can also create private studies with limited access:

  • Share data and visualizations only with specific collaborators when your work is pre-publication.
  • Allow anonymous reviewer access for journal reviewers to view your study while it is still private.
  • You can also start an SCP Collection - a curated set of SCP studies that highlights your science, accessible via a single URL.

Learn about Single Cell Portal and some of its key features and check out our demo video.

Learn more about the Single Cell Portal at:

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