Deleted:Estimating gene family size changes for a large tree?
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7 weeks ago
Rijan ▴ 30

I want to use something/anything to calculate changes in gene family sizes in a way that accounts for phylogenetic history. My tree has some 100 land plants and some 20k homologous groups.

Issue: I previously used CAFE5 for this purpose but turns out my current dataset is too big for CAFE5. I consulted the authors of CAFE5 about this here : and it does seem to be the case that my tree might be a bit too large for CAFE5.

So, I am trying to see if people can suggest something like a drop-in replacement for CAFE5 for larger workloads or perhaps let me know about some of the approaches they took to handling gigantic datasets to generate estimations for gene family size changes. I am currently going though papers that have cited CAFE to see if I can find anything but that is more or less like looking for a needle in a haystack. Any suggestions for a situation like this?

The newick I am working on is linked here:

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