VEST3 in wANNOVAR output
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21 months ago
paolo ▴ 70

I have subjected a VCF file to wANNOVAR for annotation.

I would like to use the VEST3 score in my variant prioritization pipeline.

wANNOVAR gives two values: VEST3_score, VEST3_rankscore but none of the two seems to correspond with the value given by the CRAVAT server for VEST3.

As an example, if we consider chr1 1115548 + G A, I get from wANNOVAR annotation VEST3_score = 0.22, VEST3_rankscore = 0.005. While the CRAVAT server gives a VEST3 of 0.89073253 (pathogenicity p value).

So my question is: how can I use the wANNOVAR scores for VEST3? Where do I find the cut-off for pathogenicity?

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