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6 months ago
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Hi, I have a question regarding this table. The table below is a data from Long read consortium (https://www.gencodegenes.org/pages/LRGASP/). I am trying to compare between ONT vs PacBio within sample (WTC11) with the same method. To my knowledge, long reads have a million ish number of reads. I can convince myself in the highlighted PacBio is 7 million, but ONT has 50 ish million. This is even bigger than short reads which is 40 ~ 50 million number of reads. Am I missing something or misunderstanding here? Can someone help me understand the dataset?

In a relevant blog it says...

"Depending on the protocol, different approaches were taken to compare efficiency of the methods in capturing transcriptome diversity with better accuracy. Sequencing data sizes (represented by read length and sequencing depth) depend on (1) library prep method and (2) sequencing platform. You may notice shorter read lengths with ONT cDNA sequencing without size selection compared to PacBio and R2C2 methods in the LRGASP data sets and hence subjected to comparisons."

Does this have to do with 50 million reads for ONT?

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