News:course: RNA-seq analyses in non-model organisms
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19 months ago
carlopecoraro2 ★ 2.5k

Dear all,

there are the last 5 seats available for the 3rd edition of the course: "RNA-seq analyses in non-model organisms"

Dates: online, 28th of November - 2nd of December 2022

This workshop provides an overview of modern applications of transcriptome sequencing and popular tools and algorithms for exploring transcript reconstruction and expression analysis in a genome-free manner, leveraging the Trinity software and analysis framework. Attendees will perform quality assessment of Illumina RNA-Seq data, assemble a transcriptome using, among others, Trinity, quantify transcript expression, leverage Bioconductor tools for differential expression analysis, and apply Trinotate to functionally annotate transcripts. In parallel to the short-read assembly, participants will perform the pre-processing of 3rd generation sequencing data (PacBio IsoSeq) and the resulting assemblies will be compared. Additional methods will then be explored for characterizing the assembled transcriptome and revealing biological findings.

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