Importing nexus-formatted tree (e.g. BEAST tree) into R as a phylo object with node labels
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10 months ago
al-ash ▴ 200

I'm trying to import a nexus tree (from BEAST) as a phylo object with node information (I'm specifically interested in the "posterior" values). The methods I tried fail: 1) importing with does not import node labels 2) importing with treeio::read.beast() and then converting to phylo with "ape::as.phylo()" drops the node labels. 3) converting beast tree in nexus format to newick format in FigTree (do the newick can be imported e.g. with ape::read.tree as a phylo object with node labels) also drops node labels.

I'm specifically interested in "BEAST tree file -> phylo object in R with node labels" import because my other code is using phylo objects to manipulate trees (imported with node labels from newick format).

Thanks for any hints and suggestions! Ales

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