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16 months ago
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Joining a storied tradition of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) research at Mount Sinai in New York City, this position will be charged with leading innovative computational research in a multi-disciplinary environment involving technology development, immunogenomics, and/or population diversity. Access to a highly collaborative environment, rich set of data products, with dual training in both IBD biology (Dr. Judy Cho) and statistical/computational rigor (Dr. Guo-Cheng Yuan). Key questions to be addressed include classification of pathophysiologic subsets (both within IBD and across chronic inflammatory diseases) and multi-omic integration (single cell multi-omics, spatial gene expression). Substantial mentorship across disciplines and work-life balance in a supportive environment will be provided. A successful candidate will have strengths in data management, single cell analyses, comprehensive statistics and/or complex genetics and a demonstrated track record of scientific initiative, curiosity, and rigor.

Lab Dynamic:

Work-life balance

- Full remote/hybrid option
- Respect for non-work time and vacation
- Flexible scheduling
- Subsidized post-doc housing
- Stable funding source

Dry Lab Team

- Casual, daily standup meeting to troubleshoot and support projects
- Emphasis on project organization using industry tools (Jira/Confluence/Github/Slack)
- Diversity of established compute and data infrastructure - server, hpc, and cloud
- Total authority over QC, preprocessing, and data handling
- All team members available for informational interview in later rounds

Wet Lab Collaboration

- Established, direct patient sample procurement pipeline
- Full visibility around sample isolation and preparation
- Significant room for direction of and collaboration on data generation

Professional Development

- First author status and flexibility in project direction
- Consistent opportunities for collaboration with multi-institutional partner consortium
- Large quantity of analysis-ready multi-omic data
- Co-mentorship between faculty carrying a computational and biological focus

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Designs and implements bioinformatics tools and processes
- Identifies and resolves technical issues and proposes upgrades to current software
- Develop projects and work independently on a variety of bioinformatics analysis projects
- Manages datasets, conducts statistical and genomic analysis, and participates in the preparation of manuscripts and presentations
- May be involved in sequence and structural analysis, data mining, or statistical modeling.
- Collaborate with wet-bench biologists and work independently to analyze data derived from several types of projects using microarrays and high-throughput sequencing
- Conduct analysis of microarray and high-throughput sequencing data, genome sequence analysis, experimental design and statistical analysis
Other related duties as assigned


- PhD in Biological Sciences, Bioinformatics, Computer Sciences, Statistics or related discipline
- Working experience with genetics or statistics analysis software and online resources.
- Fluency in programming languages such as R, Python, Perl, or C++
- Demonstrated expertise with handling and analyzing wide range of NGS sequencing outputs
- Capable of working and developing within HPC and Linux environments


- Exposure to muli-omic single cell sequencing datasets and analysis tools (scATACseq, CITEseq, VDJseq, Spatial, Seurat, Scanpy)
- Familiarity with bioinformatic pipeline languages (Nextflow, Snakemake)
- Working knowledge of coding best practices (version control, environment management, containerization)
- Minimum 3 years of experience in a research environment.
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