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13 months ago
carlopecoraro2 ★ 2.4k

Hi all, registration is now open for the 2nd edition of the course "Multivariate data analysis with R and vegan".

Dates: online, April, 24-28

This course will offer participants a practical introduction to some of the most useful functions available within vegan. We will focus on the use of ordination methods and on the use of restricted permutations to test a range of experimental designs.

We will focus in particular on when and how to use multivariate methods including unconstrained and constrained ordination (CCA, RDA, Constrained PCoA), as well as between-group tests such as PERMANOVA. We will cover concepts such as design- and model-based permutations and the exchangeability of samples in tests. We will also discuss the use of vegan to go beyond simply fitting a constrained ordination model, to diagnostics, plotting, etc.

If interested in our courses, please check them out:

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