Deleted:Twist Exome Sequencing Data: Palindromic Tandem Insertion-Deletion
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6 weeks ago
TraPS-VarI • 0

Has anyone looked into the Exome sequencing data generated using the Twist Exome 2.0 kit? We encountered what appears to be specific to Twist exome sequencing data.

In our data, among the list of variants we see, occurrances of tandem insertion-deletion. The consequence of insertion and then deletion of the same stretch is null.

Has anyone seen such Reads in their Twist Exome Sequencing data??

Is it a PCR artefact? Or something went wrong during library preparation.

Any helpful comment is much appreciated.

More instances of tandem Insertion-Deletion

IGV screenshot

NGS Artefact Twist Sequencing Exome • 117 views
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