Set Y limits for ggplot with sec.axis
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12 months ago
JirMan ▴ 20

Hi everyone! I want to display two datasets in one graph with two Y-axes using ggplot and I basically have two main questions. 1. I managed to do so with the sec.axis function, but now I would like to set the limits of my primary Y-axis, e.g. from 85% to 95%, to make the changes in the respective dataset more visible. 2. You may have noticed that I have standard deviation values in the dataframe as well, is there a way to add them with geom.line? My plot looks like this:

enter image description here

This is the script I came up with:

Percent_reads <-data.frame(Mean1= c(93.63,92.19,91.65,87.12), sd1= c(0.3011644,0.9479627,0.7534587,0.7054313), Mean2= c(0.000868,0.025712, 0.900571, 6.034262), sd2= c(0.000218956,0.004187169,0.052000126,0.598933192), Category= c("0hpi","3hpi", "6hpi","9hpi"))

scaleFactor <- max(Percent_reads$Mean1) / max(Percent_reads$Mean2)

Reads_plot <- ggplot(Percent_reads, aes(x=Category)) + labs(x="Hours post infection")+ labs(title="Reads percentage (%)")+ geom_line(aes(y=Mean1), col="darkgreen", group=1)+ geom_line(aes(y=Mean2 * scaleFactor), col="purple", group=1) + scale_y_continuous(name="Host", sec.axis=sec_axis(~./scaleFactor, name="Virus")) + theme( axis.title.y.left=element_text(color="darkgreen"), axis.text.y.left=element_text(color="darkgreen"), axis.title.y.right=element_text(color="purple"), axis.text.y.right=element_text(color="purple") )


I would be grateful for any tips or suggestions on how to solve this issue :) Thank you in advance!

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