Distinguishing specific reads from non-specific ones in KIR gene sequencing data
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10 days ago
Fernando • 0

I am analyzing KIR gene sequencing data and have noticed the presence of certain genes, such as KIR2DS4, in samples that I know to be negative. I suspect that many non-specific reads are aligning to these genes, making it difficult to differentiate between specific and non-specific reads. I have extracted all reads that align to the KIR genes in my samples and would like to identify any patterns that may distinguish specific reads from non-specific ones.

I would appreciate any suggestions for methods or tools that could help me identify such patterns. I have considered using BLAST to identify similar sequences, but I am open to any other suggestions or insights on this issue. Thank you in advance for your help!

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9 days ago
Ming Tommy Tang ★ 2.9k

use this https://github.com/mourisl/T1K


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