GO analysis using diamond blastp output
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15 months ago
hellokwmin • 0

Hello, Biostars,

I am trying to perform GO analysis for transcriptome of non-model organims (i.e., one of moss species). So far, I have done DESeq2 analysis.

Now, I have files in order to try GO analysis as follows:

  1. DESeq output file (i.e. control vs. treatment)
  2. Diamond blastp output file (tabular m.8 file); this file shows accession id corresponding to my query sequence such as XP_021739596.1. and also other information as follows: query seq-id, subject seq-id, percentage of identical matches, alignment length, number of mismatches, bit score etc.

There are so many tools for GO analysis such as Bingo, R-related packages, but quite difficult to determine which one is the best choice in my case using TWO files as described above...

Do I need to convert accession id to gene_id for further analysis? Is there any tutorial that I can follow in relation to my situtation?

Help me plz...

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