News:NCBI BLAST+ 2.14.0 release includes faster protein and translation search options
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12 months ago
PeterC_NCBI ▴ 410

Protein and translated DNA (BLASTP, BLASTX, and TBLASTN) BLAST searches are now faster with the inclusion of support for initial long words. This improvement speeds up the fast modes, -task blastp-fast, -task blastx-fast, -task tblastn-fast on the command-line.

For example, a search of 2.2 million phage reads, 324.4 million bases (ERR7959948) against swissprot using -task blastx-fast was four times faster than the default search (4 hours vs. 16 hours).

We have also fixed a number of bugs and added some other improvements.

See the the release notes for more details.

Download BLAST+ 2.14.0.

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