samtools ampliconclip option --strand is not working?
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12 weeks ago
ManuelDB ▴ 80

I am developing a new NGS amplicon-based test.

I need to mark the primers and I am using Samtools ampliconclip tool. It is working ok but I have an issue when using the -strand option.

The following image shows amplicons overolapping one exon of the CEBPA gene

enter image description here

Yellow squares are my primers soft-clipped properly. The two red squares are the problem. I do not want to soft-clip those two and I am not sure why this is happening because I am using the option --strand. See the full code and bed file below.

 apptainer exec "$samtoolspicardbwa" samtools  ampliconclip \
               --both-ends \
               --soft-clip \
               --fail \
               --strand \
               -b  testing_overlapping.bed \
               RACP1-4poolv7anddirect-A_mapped_sorted_IRealigned.bam  > with_strand.bam

 chr19   33301308        33301331        CEBPA_05_F_P5   .       +
chr19   33301557        33301577        CEBPA_04_F_P5   .       +
chr19   33301579        33301599        CEBPA_05_R_P5   .       -
chr19   33301648        33301668        CEBPA_03_F_P5   .       +
chr19   33301785        33301805        CEBPA_04_R_P5   .       -
chr19   33301899        33301919        CEBPA_02_F_P5   .       +
chr19   33301927        33301946        CEBPA_03_R_P5   .       -
chr19   33302153        33302173        CEBPA_01_F_P5   .       +
chr19   33302175        33302195        CEBPA_02_R_P5   .       -
chr19   33302420        33302440        CEBPA_01_R_P5   .       -

My question is: Is this output okay or I am doing something wrong or I am misunderstanding something? I thought that the option --strand would only allow soft clip when the strand of the reads matches the strand of the soft clipped region in my bed file. Is this correct?? This would avoid the unwanted soft-clipping that I have in those two reads (marked with the red square).

I have added an image from IGV marking the region I do not want to soft-clipped (the 1786-1798 -)

enter image description here

If I remove the --strand option the result is exactly the same.


I have filtered out forward and reverse reads in different files, then I have soft clipped the reads and I have merged the two new files in one and I have got the desired output

enter image description here

Can this be done in one step with Samtools Soft-clipped?

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12 weeks ago
aw7 ▴ 210


I wrote large parts of samtools ampliconclip and I think the --strand option is being overridden by the --both-ends option.

For the work you are doing it does not look like you need clipping at both ends. So if you leave out --both-ends it should work.

The --both-ends option was written with long read sequencing in mind, though I did not write that in the man page. Yet another documentation update that needs doing.

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Thank you so much. I will try this and I will come back with results.


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