not best k value found
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3 months ago

i am running kmergenie to estimate best k, however i am ending up with this error.

DeprecationWarning: pkg_resources is deprecated as an API. See import pkg_resources running histogram estimation list of reads: /media/gyanlab/D/shailesh/Frogs/X201SC22082726-Z01-F002/01.RawData/Meg3/error_corrected/Meg3_read1.fq.gz /media/gyanlab/D/shailesh/Frogs/X201SC22082726-Z01-F002/01.RawData/Meg3/error_corrected/Meg3_read2.fq.gz Setting maximum kmer length to: 150 bp computing histograms (from k=21 to k=121): 101 111 121 91 81 71 61 51 41 31 21 ntCard wall-clock time over all k values: 2497 seconds fitting model to histograms to estimate best k could not fit histograms-k91.histo could not fit histograms-k81.histo could not fit histograms-k61.histo could not fit histograms-k111.histo could not fit histograms-k121.histo could not fit histograms-k101.histo could not fit histograms-k21.histo could not fit histograms-k71.histo could not fit histograms-k41.histo could not fit histograms-k51.histo could not fit histograms-k31.histo could not predict a best k value No best k found

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