how to run the compare_genomes for comparative analysis
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12 weeks ago
rj.rezwan • 0

Hi, I am interested to compare the 10 genomes for comparative analysis. I have genome, cds, protein and gff files for this analysis. I want to ask if someone has the experience of running the compare_genomes tool for this. I have a confusion about its code running. can someone share the code of this tool?

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It seems the author is active, and has answered questions raised directly on the repo. See here. If nobody responds on here, I would suggest reaching out directly on there.

Though I am confused about "can someone share the code". It's published opensource on github. It's a nextflow pipeline and from my quick look the modules are largely shell scripts using tools in a conda environment.

Importantly, I would suggest on here and on github, give as much detail as you can about what you've done, the errors you're getting, or and what you've tried to remedy the issues. Nobody can help if we don't know what you're getting stuck on.


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