Interpretation of PRS scores calculated from PGS Catalog
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7 weeks ago
Patrick • 0

I am calculating PRS scores from the PGS Catalog with their tool "pgsc_calc", and I am a bit confused about how to interpret them.

The specific PGS I am using is PGS002765, which has "beta" as effect weight.

When I calculate the score for an individual and get a score of: 1.04067160633191e-7 as a result, how can I evaluate this score and say that it is either good or bad? And what does the effect weight "beta" mean?

I am no expert on this topic and thankfull for any replies. :)

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22 days ago
Sam ★ 4.7k

PRS is a population measure. Most of the time, what you got is the score, which does not have much meaning if you only have one sample. What you need is something akin to absolute risk, which is rarely available and afaik, there are still a lot of technical challenge in getting absolute risk from PRS.


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