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10 weeks ago
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Dear colleagues,

This course might be of interest to people at BIostars list: Introduction to Bayesian Inference in Practice – 8th edition. This course will be held live online (synchronous). Max 18 participants.

Dates: March 4th-8th, 2024.

Online live sessions from Monday to Friday; 13:00 to 17:00 (Madrid time zone).

Course Overview: This course is based on the assumption that the easiest way to understand the principles of Bayesian inference and the functioning of the main algorithms is to implement these methods yourself. The instructors will outline the relevant concepts and basic theory, but the focus of the course will be to learn how to do Bayesian inference in practice. He will show how to implement the most common algorithms to estimate parameters based on posterior probabilities, such as Markov Chain Monte Carlo samplers, and how to build hierarchical models. He will also touch upon hypothesis testing using Bayes factors and Bayesian variable selection. The course will take a learn-by-doing approach, in which participants will implement their own MCMCs using R or Python (templates for both languages will be provided). After completion of the course, the participants will have gained a better understanding of how the main Bayesian methods are implemented in many programs used in biological research work. Participants will also learn how to model at least basic problems using Bayesian statistics and how to implement the necessary algorithms to solve them. Participants are expected to have some knowledge of R or Python (each can choose their preferred language), but they will be guided “line-by-line” in writing their script. The aim is that, by the end of the week, each participant will have written their own MCMC – from scratch! Participants are encouraged to bring their own datasets and questions and we will (try to) figure them out during the course and implement scripts to analyze them in a Bayesian framework. More information and registration at or writing

Best regards Sole

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