News:EMBL Course Hands-on course for sample preparation and data analysis in proteomics
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10 weeks ago
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Hands-on course for sample preparation and data analysis in proteomics

Date: 3 - 6 Dec 2024

Location: EMBL Heidelberg

Venue: EMBL Advanced Training Centre

Course overview

The course will give an introduction to the theoretical aspects of the analysis of proteins/peptides by mass spectrometry. Participants will get hands-on experience in sample preparation for a quantitative comparison across samples and perform an in-solution digest using Single-Pot Solid-Phase-enhanced Sample Preparation (SP3) (Hughes et al., Molecular Systems Biology, 2014) and tandem mass tag labelling (TMT). The SP3 technology was developed at EMBL. It enables scientists with a proteomics sample preparation method from nearly any starting buffer conditions (e.g. Laemmli buffer). Participants will measure their own produced samples using LC-MS/MS and will learn in a session focused on the bioinformatics analysis how the acquired data will be analysed using MSFragger and R. Best practices and Proteomics data management will be a focus of this course.

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5 weeks ago

I am interested , how can I join this workshop ?


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