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7 weeks ago
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Dear all,

there are only 4 seats available for our upcoming online course, "Genome Assembly Using Oxford Nanopore Sequencing," taking place from 4–8 March 2024.

Course website:

Our course will cover the entire process – from basecalling through to genome assembly, polishing, and quality control, using Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing data. Tahe sessions will include both theoretical background and practical application with model viral and bacterial datasets.

Limited Seats:

To ensure a personalized learning experience, we have limited seats available. Secure your spot now for a comprehensive journey into the world of genome assembly using long-reads.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the steps involved in genome assembly using long-read data.

  • Gain practical experience in choosing and using optimal tools for various dataset types.

  • Explore applications in microbiome, bacterial, viral, and mammalian genomics.

For the full list of our courses and Workshops, please visit:

Best regards,


Carlo Pecoraro, Ph.D

Physalia-courses DIRECTOR

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