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Registration is now open for our Short Online Live Course: Functional programming with R taught by Dr. VerĂ³nica Cruz Alonso and Dr. Julen Astigarraga. Dates: May 27th-31st, 2024 Total course hours: 8 Course webpage:

Course overview: The growing availability of data and the versatility of analysis programs have led to an increase in the quantity and complexity of analyses conducted in ecology. This makes efficiency in data management and analysis increasingly necessary. One possible way to optimize these processes and reduce working times for R users is functional programming. Functions allow the automation of common tasks (such as reading different databases) in a more powerful and general way, simplifying the code.

The objective of this course is to learn how to write functions and employ them in iterative programming, using both base R and the {purrr} package from {tidyverse}. Additionally, participants will learn a coding style that facilitates understanding for their future selves and their collaborators while minimising errors. Learning to write good functions and applying them to our data is a dynamic process, and new techniques and better ways to address old problems can always be learned.

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