scRNA Cluster frequency
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5 weeks ago
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I am manipulating cells in tissue culture after isolating a particular cell type from a tissue from 6 different subjects. At the end I have total 12 samples (6 samples from 6 different subjects and their final product after the treatment). I want to explore that my treatment results the same phenotype profile irrespective of the subjects. The final products have the same profile irrespective of their subjects.

When I analysis the data, I see that most the final products have somewhat similar scRNA profile, however I do see variability in the starting material profile.

What is the best way to determine the homogeneity and heterogeneity based on cluster frequency, or scRNA profile. Statistical method to show that the final product is homogeneous irrespective of heterogenous starting material, PCA or cluster frequency. How can I determine the inter and intra sample variability in cluster or overall.

Thank you!!

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