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5 weeks ago
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Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the upcoming online course on "DNA Methylation in Ecology and Evolution," taking place from September 16th to 20th.

Course website:

This course will delve into various methodologies for obtaining and analyzing DNA methylation data, including bisulfite sequencing using Illumina, as well as long-read technologies such as PacBio and Oxford Nanopore. From data acquisition to statistical analyses for identifying differentially methylated sites and regions, participants will gain comprehensive insights into interpreting methylation data in the context of ecology and evolution.

The course spans five days, blending theoretical lectures with practical hands-on sessions. Each day will commence with an introductory lecture followed by interactive class discussions. The practical sessions will involve both guided demonstrations by instructors and individual exercises to reinforce learning. While primarily focusing on non-model organisms with draft reference genomes, the examples and applications explored in the course will be broad-ranging and applicable across diverse contexts.

For the full list of our courses and workshops, please visit:

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