Forum:Improvement on automatic annotation of single-cell RNA-seq data from the literature using LLM
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4 weeks ago
yxwucq • 0

Hi the community!

I've recently written a toolkit which allows to annotate scRNA-seq data directly from literature. It requires a raw adata file and a pdf file. Then It can automatically extract information from articles and do all downstream job like filter, preprocessing, clustering, annotation. It now works smoothly, and I want to get some advices to this tiny project.

I think the target users may be:

  1. Need to add a public resource to their own dataset, but find only raw file in GSE
  2. Want to do Data Integration to a large datasets, using labeled data may out-perform label-free data
  3. Want to automatically create a super-large single cell dataset (like all the pubilc dataset, maybe a little crazy)
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