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23 days ago
V_Vibes • 0

I have a list of microRNA families among which some are named in the form of "miR-10-5p". However, some microRNA family names have forward slash in them, e.g., "miR-1-3p/206". I want to use the Web API of ENCORI or starBase databse to obtain the ceRNA data for the miRNA families.

I used the following curl command in shell for retrieving the data of a microRNA families without slashes in their names:

curl '' >ENCORI_hg38_ceRNA-network_all.txt

This command works properly.

However for the microRNA families with slashes in their names, the following equivalent command does not work.

curl '' >ENCORI_hg38_ceRNA-network_all.txt

I tried replacing '/' with '%2F' but it still does not work.

curl '' >ENCORI_hg38_ceRNA-network_all.txt

How should I mention the microRNA families with slashes in their names in the curl command?

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