Editing seurat object metatdata
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10 days ago
Happiness • 0

I have a Seurat object called test_seurat and I would like to sort this object based on the pseudotime which is a column title p3.pseudotime. This will automatically rearrange the cell id, and other columns. I created a dataframe out of this Seurat object sorted_df where the information is sorted. However I am currently trying to use this sorted dataframe to adjust the one in the Seurat object but I keep running into issues. Can anyone help me out.

This is the image of the Seurat object metadata that isn't sorted

this is the image of the cell ids that arent sorted

this is the image of the cell ids that are sorted

Above is the image of the the dataframe I created that is sorted.

Thank you

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8 days ago
Nat.Nataren ▴ 90

Can you show us some of the code you have tried? Are you trying to order by pseudotime for plotting purposes?


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