Pablo Marin-Garcia ★ 2.0k
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Location: Spain

Currently I work at Zetta Genomics as a bioinformatician doing sofware quality managment developing precision medicine applications for national health systems and hospitals. Former Head of bioinformatics at Kanteron Systems, IMEGEN and FHCUV-INCLIVA in Valencia (Spain). Former Human geneticists at Sanger Center and bioinformatician at European Bioinformatics Institute (Cambridge, UK) dealing with genomic analysis of complex diseases in humans.

Founder of Medical Genomics Visualisation (MGviz) educational platform.

I have a Zoology degree, a master in genetics and evolution and a PhD in molecular genetics in complex diseases (Hypertension) and a degree in biomedicine statistics.

I create software applications for genetic analysis and genomic visualisation related with rare disease and oncology. Now integrating genomics with oncological pathology.

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