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I have published research works in the fields of granular matter physics, network science, machine learning, user interfaces, and bioinformatics. But above all, I like to create useful systems. I  enjoy the process of designing and implementing web-based services that stand the test of time. My current project that I dedicate most of my time to is an e-book on genomic data analysis:

  • The Biostar Handbook - modeled by the content on this site and is meant to be a comprehensive guide for beginning bioinformaticians.

I am the maintainer of this site: Biostar Q&A platform serving in a role of jack-of-all-trades:  developer, interface designer, database manager, sysadmin, dev-ops, etc. whatever needs to be done.

Currently, I work as a  Professor of Bioinformatics at Penn State. Within that position I serve in various roles:

  • Director of the Bioinformatics Consulting Center at Penn State
  • Bioinformatics instructor
  • Researcher and tool developer Bioinformatics Recipes and others

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