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I have published research works in the fields of granular matter physics, network science, machine learning, user interfaces, and bioinformatics. But above all, I like to create useful systems. I  enjoy the process of designing and implementing web-based services that stand the test of time. My current project that I dedicate most of my time to is an e-book on genomic data analysis:

  • The Biostar Handbook - modeled by the content on this site and is meant to be a comprehensive guide for beginning bioinformaticians.

I am the maintainer of this site: Biostar Q&A platform serving in a role of jack-of-all-trades:  developer, interface designer, database manager, sysadmin, dev-ops, etc. whatever needs to be done.

I work as a  Research Professor of Bioinformatics at Penn State. Within that position I serve in various roles:

  • Director of the Bioinformatics Consulting Center at Penn State
  • Bioinformatics instructor
  • Researcher and tool developer Bioinformatics Recipes and others

I enjoy nature, hiking, photo and videography. Check out my YouTube channel called Weekend Cowboy to see my favorite times:

Disclaimer: The content generated on this site by Istvan Albert may not be used for training artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms. All other uses, including search, entertainment and commercial use, are permitted.

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