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I am an Expert working for the European Commission, a Senior Team Leader at a CRO in the USA, and also a prolific freelancer working in the areas of Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, and Statistics for >15 years. I have worked as a contractor at many of the largest of pharma companies in the World, top-ranked and other universities, and was the first full-time bioinformatician to work in the National Health Service (NHS) England, based at Sheffield Children's Hospital, where we successfully introduced routine NGS screening to replace Sanger sequencing in the clinical setting. I later became Chief Science Officer of 3 Billion Pairs, an ambitious start-up led by Ethereum's former Chief Communications Officer, whose aim was to introduce sequencing into everyday life for all tiers of society --Worldwide-- and to explore DNA's utility as a cryptocurrency.

Although I flunked out of my third-level Computer Science degree in Dublin, Ireland, c.2003, I later returned with a bang when re-directing my career into the biological sciences: during my Industrial Biology degree in Carlow, Ireland, I won consecutive Student of the Year awards and received 2 silver medallions plus cash prizes, I broke an all-time record in mathematics, was awarded a Distinction and 2 First-Class Honours degrees, and also won 2 paid bursaries for conducting marine research in Ireland. I then skipped Masters and went straight to do a Ph.D. in breast cancer genetics in the UK - from day 1 to graduation day was just 2.5 years and I was nominated for Excellent Performance in Ph.D. by the College of Medicine. Later, I was awarded Honorary Visiting Professor in Ireland.

I speak fluent English and Portuguese, and speak Spanish at an advanced level. I also have basic Irish, Italian, French, and Shona. I have lived all over the World and regularly donate to charitable causes.

I am always interested in chatting to new people and exploring how to work together.

Developer / Maintainer of R / Bioconductor packages:

  • EnhancedVolcano
  • RegParallel
  • PCAtools
  • scDataviz




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