News:Bio-Linux 8 is now available
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9.6 years ago
rtliu ★ 2.2k

Source: [Bio-linux-announce] Bio-Linux 8 now available

Dear All,

The Bio-Linux system gets a major new release every two years following the regular Ubuntu "LTS" releases. Since Ubuntu 14.04 LTS came out in April I've been working with help from the Bio-Linux community to make Bio-Linux 8 and it is now ready and available via the new website.

Upgrades from Bio-Linux 7 to 8 do not require re-installation. I encourage you all to upgrade soon, as new bioinformatics packages will no longer be provided for Bio-Linux 7. See the "Installation" section for instructions on upgrading your BL7 machine.

The new Ubuntu 14.04 base system brings many benefits such as increased hardware compatibility and new office and multimedia software, but Bio-Linux itself also has many improvements and new/updated packages.

Also for the first time there is a version in OVA format for VirtualBox/VMWare users, and this version will be updated whenever new ISO files are released. See the "What's New" and "Software List" pages on the website for details.

As ever, please report problems and feedback to I can't promise to fix everything but will endeavour to provide help and squash bugs where I can. Also, please let me know if you use Bio-Linux for teaching or manage a large installation on your departmental server or computing lab. The more we can prove that people find this stuff useful, the more likely we are to get future funding!

I hope you enjoy using Bio-Linux 8.


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Hi, thank you for the announcement. I've reported a bug at the following website and

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This stuff IS useful´╝ü

I use it to do my work ;P

If it's inappropriate for an answer, just let me know...


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