Annotating human mitogenomes for submission to GenBank; do I need to annotate everything?
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7.9 years ago
devenvyas ▴ 680

I have 113 human mitogenomes, which I need to get on GenBank before I can submit a manuscript for publication.

There is one set of 23 and one set of 90. I am currently working on the set of 23 with Sequin.

I was wondering, how much annotation do I actually have to do? My adviser and labmates know nothing and next-to-nothing about uploading mitogenomes to GenBank. I have the 23 aligned to rCRS in Geneious Basic, so I can convert the rCRS annotation base numbers ( to my alignment base numbers. I am using a GenBank record ( from a previous publication from our lab as a template of everything to annotate.

I totally understand the need to annotate the base pairs for different RNAs and genes and CDSs, but do I need to annotate every miscellaneous feature of every protein? What will happen, if I do not annotate these miscellaneous features?


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