what are the differences between Biostars - bioinformatics explained and Biostars - galaxy explained?
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9.5 years ago
CrazyB ▴ 280

Have recently signing up to Galaxy https://usegalaxy.org/root

and used it to help me - non-bioinformatician - to do some work. At Galaxy, they provide a Biostar forum that allows users to post questions regarding data processing using Galaxy. I mistakenly thought that was the same Biostar I have been using and thus was expecting to get some quick feedback for my question. It turns out they are likely two different, un-connected forums. Does any user here at Biostar-bioinformatics explained use or know about Biostar-Galaxy explained ? I am asking this because I am not sure if I am allowed to post the same question twice, if the two forums are somehow linked. Any thought? Thank you.

ngs • 4.1k views
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9.5 years ago

The galaxy site is essentially a galaxy-specific version of this site. Biostars is an open source project that's used by a few different sites (e.g., Bioconductor) for their support/help forums.

As a general rule, cross-posting on multiple forums is discouraged, regardless of whether the forums are connected/related. For example, if you post the same question here and on SEQanswers, which is in no way connected to this site, I'll see that and flag your post as being cross-posted. Similar things would likely happen with the Bioconductor/Galaxy/Neurostar/etc. sites as well. The reason is that you end up doubling the communities efforts when you cross-post, which isn't very nice.

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Thanks a lot! Will just wait until I get some feedback on the "Galaxy forum".


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