Job:Postdoctoral Fellow in Virology, Las Vegas Nevada
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9.4 years ago

Description: Grasp this position as part of a leadership team in rapidly growing research laboratory and the new Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine with a multi-disciplinary team of bioinformaticists and laboratory scientists. The overriding goal of our laboratory is to model and integrate petabytes of biological information as the basis for new research projects to better understand and treat human disease (see for examples). Meet visiting scientists, co-author scientific publications, and tell your grandchildren that you were part of engineering new medicines. The candidate will leverage their creativity and expertise working on two biotechnologies with patents pending. One uses TALEN based gene editing to damage the HIV proviral genome as a potential approach to address HIV latency. The second using HIV infection as a model to develop a new screening technology based on minimotifs and next generation sequencing to identify molecular functions necessary for HIV infection as well as validate HIV dependency factors. See videos about our research and bioinformatics tools at

Job duties: Experimental research on two virology technologies, training and oversight of graduate and undergraduate students, writing manuscripts and grant applications.

Requirements: This job is for either a Postdoctoral Fellow (B.S. and Ph.D.) degree in Virology, Molecular Biology or a related field), or equivalent industrial experience. Experience with culturing HIV, gene editing, and molecular biology is desirable. Postdoctoral Fellow applicants must have at least one publication where they are first or last author. Familiarity with basic Virology is expected.

Reports to: Principal Investigator

Salary: Commensurate with experience. Salary range of $42,000 - $50,000 / year based on experience. Nevada also has no state income tax and individuals working for UNLV are not required to pay social security tax. This is a ~15% cost of living boost over jobs in other states that have these taxes. The Fellowship comes with other benefits such as retirement and medical.

To apply: Complete electronic application at Also arrange for two letters of reference to be emailed to the SchillerLAB administrator Michael Girmai [girmaim(at)unlv(dot)nevada(dot)edu]. The letters of reference should address, the training of the student/fellow, the ability to work independently, the writing capabilities (Can they prepare a high quality draft of a paper on their work?), and their work ethic (please speak to the average hours/week and productivity/time spent working). Incomplete applications that do not follow these directions will not receive full consideration.

Employer: Research at the University of Nevada Las Vegas is rapidly growing and the university if aggressively investing resources to develop a nationally recognized research program. UNLV has ~29,000 students.

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