is it possible to define a window size in ADTex CNV tool?
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7.1 years ago
ivivek_ngs ★ 5.1k

Is it possible to provide a definitive window size for the CNV regions detected with ADtex tool. I have used ADtex recently and the number of CNVs predicted for the normal/tumor pair is quite a lot. However when I see the output carefull I see that it has two columns for co-ordinates, one which shows the exon start and end and the other columns shows CNV start and CNV end , and a lot of sites have same CNV start and CNV end for a specific chromosome and regions showing same CNV start and end have same segment mean. Is it possible to introduce in the tool a way to collapse the CNV start and CNV end to a single row output for same start and end? If its not I have to workout with the output files, however if anyone has worked with the ADtex I would like to know if someone did this task. I want to compare my ADtex output with other CNV callers infact. If anyone needs any more explanation I would be happy to clarify it more.



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