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Modern biological technology develops rapidly in recent 20 years in the name of genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering and ferment engineering, and influences and changes the way of people's production and life increasingly. Biotechnology refers to improve products, modified plants and animals or cultivate microbial technology for special purpose by using living organism or the constitution of the organism. While biological engineering is the generic terms of the biotechnology. It means designing or recreating cell's genetic material and developing new varieties by using the principle of biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology and genetics combines with biochemical engineering. In a word, it is the process of industrialization of living organisms, life system or life process. And it includes Genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering, microbial fermentation engineering, bioelectronics engineering, bioreactor, the technique of sterilization and emerging protein engineering, etc. Genetic engineering is the core of modern biological engineering.

Industrial characteristics of biotechnology industry

In the first place, high technology. It is mainly reflected in talent with a high level of knowledge and a high and new technology. Second, high investment. Biotechnology is a highly capitalized industry, which is largely used in the research and development of new products, the construction of factory and equipment configuration of the instrument. Third, long period. Biotechnology Products will go through a lot of links from the beginning of development to the end of transformation: stage of laboratory research, pilot production stage, clinical test stage, large-scale production stage, market commercialization stage and complicated approval process. Therefore, it takes too long to develop a new product. Fourth, high risk. The development of biotechnology products has a great uncertainty risk. Generally speaking, the success rate of a biotechnology product is 5%-10%, but it may spend 8-10 years to develop. In addition, the risk of market competition is also increasing. Last but not least, high yield. Biotechnology products have a high profit return. A new biological product can take back all the investment after going public 2-3 years, especially those enterprises with new products and patented products.

Since the 1950s, modern biotechnology is widely applied to agriculture, food, medicine, hygiene, chemical engineering, environmental protection, power supply, ocean development and other fields. It plays a more and more important role in solving human food, health, resources, and environment and so on. The application of biotechnology gestates a group of emerging industrial clusters. For instance, with the development of biotechnology, more and more companies are established. Take Creative Peptides, a biotechnology company with rich experience in manufacturing peptides products, proven technique and advanced Equipments; it is specialized in the process development and the manufacturing of bioactive peptides. They offer custom peptide synthesis, process development, GMP manufacturing as well as catalog products. If you want to know more about the company, please contact:


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