Is it possible to extract the C component of the ACE model from an AE model?
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9.1 years ago
alesssia ▴ 580

Dear all,

I calculated the estimates of the variance explained of a set of quantitative phenotypes in a twin cohort (it included MZ and DZ twins as well as unrelated individuals) by means of GCTA. GCTA takes into account the relationships among individuals by means of a genetic relationship matrix (GRM).

To the best of my understanding GCTA evaluates an AE model, where the phenotypic variance is split in genetic and environmental variance. However, for the sake of comparison, I need to have a full ACE model, where also the C component is expressed. Is it possible to extract this value from the aforementioned GCTA estimates?

Alternatively, can I use the the GRM matrix that I have evaluated by means of GCTA within approaches that evaluate ACE models (such as twinlm in the mets R package, or openMx)?

Thank you very much!

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