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8.8 years ago
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A leading research lab in at UCSF is seeking applications from capable candidates for two positions to be filled immediately. The lab consists of a group of research scientists working on multiple projects that are related to biomarker discovery using next generation sequencing, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.

1. Biostatician/ bioinformatician

Supports statistical and bioinformatics aspect of translational research

Education and training

The position requires a MS/MD/or PhD equivalent degree in biostatistics or bioinformatics. Work experience in the development of bioinformatics and biostatistics methods on biomarker discovery is a plus.


The position requires at least two years of translational bioinformatics research in an academic/or biotech setting. Strong experience and proficiency with (1) statistical methods, including principal component analysis, survival analysis, multivariate, time series trend analysis, ANOVA, and sample size power analysis (2) understanding and expertise on microarray data analysis using some or all of the following: Bioconductor, DChip, SAM, PAM, GeneSpring, JMP genomics, GeneCluster, TreeView, Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (3) relational database management systems, such as MySQL, (4) programming languages, such as PERL or Python (5) machine learning methodologies, such as Random Forest, SVM, Logistic regression, nested loop cross validation, discriminant analysis, (6) statistical software, such as R and SAS (7) integrative genomics data analysis from multi-platforms from GEO and ArrayExpress (7) ontology, such as Unified Medical Language Systems and medical databases.

Job description

The employee will assist in developing methods to analyze and integrate various types of high-throughput molecular measurements including genetic, genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, antibodiomic, miRNA, metabolomic, and clinical data. The employee of this position will be responsible to perform various statistical analyses of the "omic" data that has been generated in the lab as well as publicly available data.

2. Research Associate

Supports in experiments, data analysis, and report preparation of translational lab

Education and training

Must have pertinent BS (MS preferred), in Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, or Immunology.


The selected candidate is expected to conduct experiments that will include QPCR assays, extraction of proteins, total RNA and DNA from biological samples and quantification. The duties will also include designing and running, high-density protein arrays, western blot and ELISAs. This will require developing, troubleshooting, accurately documenting the method electronically and in lab notebooks, and data reporting.

Job description

This position will provide research and management support to a busy research lab, performing cutting edge research geared towards biomarker discovery in renal transplantation and other diseases. This position is primarily responsible for extraction of RNA, DNA, and protein. The candidate will involve in biochemical assays that include microarrays, QPCR, Protein arrays, ELISA, western blotting and other molecular biology assays.

If interested please send your CV with list of three references to

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