News:New MOOC: Algorithms for DNA Sequencing
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8.3 years ago
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Hi all,

This is a brief note to call your attention to an online course I teach monthly on Coursera called Algorithms for DNA Sequencing (ADS). ADS examines the computational problems that come with the continuing onslaught of DNA sequencing data. Being a reader of this forum, you are already familiar with many of these problems. But you may not be so familiar with the computational underpinnings of the tools we all use to solve them. In particular, the course in concerned with the questions of: How do we take a huge collection of DNA "puzzle pieces" and assemble them into a genome? How do we make it quick and easy to find a DNA "needle" in an enormous genomic "haystack"?

ADS is offered each month and it's free, though you can pay to receive a signed certificate if you pass. For a taste, you can join the course and peek at the materials or see the video lectures which are also posted on YouTube. The course is part of JHU's new Genomic Data Science certificate program, where students learn basic computational, biological, and statistical skills for analyzing genomic datasets.


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