Forum:Join us crowdsourcing an article on what makes a great open-source bioinformatics community
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8.6 years ago

We're trying crowdsourcing opinions and ideas on what makes for a great open-source bioinformatics community. You're very welcome to join us on this by using pull-requests (to contribute text to the documents) and issues (to discuss how to work on it together) at this github repo:

We started discussing this at BOSC2015 in Dublin, at two unconference-style sessions exploring "What makes a great open-source bioinformatics community" Session participants thought it could be valuable to share, and expand, the conversations from these sessions with people who couldn't make it to BOSC, and this is our way at trying that out.

In particular, we think it could be valuable to share ideas on these issues from people with experience as part of a wide range of different open-source bioinformatics communities, so we'd love to read your contributions to this!

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