News:NCBI NOW (Next generation sequencing Online Workshop) October 13 - 23 , 2015
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8.4 years ago
rtliu ★ 2.2k

"From October 13th to October 23rd, NCBI will present the first iteration of NCBI NOW, a free online experience aimed at those new to next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis. Enrollment in this course is limited to the first 1,000 participants who sign up through the ORAU Portal. Since enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis, please only sign up for this educational opportunity if you will be able to participate fully.

Learners will watch 6-7 videos (average video duration: 45-60 minutes) online during the first 7 days of the course. These videos will cover the basics of NGS data, preprocessing, quality control and alignment strategies for both DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq, as well as a brief discussion of downstream analysis. Additionally, we will demonstrate how to leverage BLAST tools for NGS analysis.

Next, participants will apply a selection of RNA-Seq alignment algorithms over three days (1-2 hours per day), mapping RNA-Seq data to GRCh38 chromosome 20. Finally, participants will compare the results of these mappers for specific genes."

If you can commit 1-2 hours per day during October 13 to 23, then find out how to sign up here.

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5.8 years ago

The link does not worK. Videos are also available in the NCBI youtube channel (


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