Where can I find sample sequence data for a heterogenous cancer cell line?
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6.9 years ago

To demonstrate an ordering process, I want to use seq data from a heterogenous cancer cell line. I wouldn't mind if the sequences were that of a cytoskeletal protein, an intrinsic factor or whatever. However, I would prefer for them to be from the same cell line and the conditions leading to the heterogeneity be elucidated (i.e, exposed to a drug, etc.). Instead of digging publication by publication, is there a formal way that I can do this?

My ideal scenario is this:

Type A (condition A1), seq: ATCG......

Type B (condition B1), seq: CTGA....

Type C (condition C1) seq: TGAC....

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I don't understand the question. Are you looking for ChIP/RNA-seq data or genome sequencing data? I'm not aware of any "heterogeneous" (mixed cell populations) cancer cell lines. Heterogeneous tissue samples are common but generally not in culture. It would be impossible to separate sequencing data obtained from a heterogeneous sample into cell type of origin.

Perhaps you could clarify what you're looking for?


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