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In my abyss-pe command line, I use "np=10" since I am running abyss-mpi. At the mapping stag in which abyss-pe calls abyss-map, it work only on on thread!

Here is the leading part of the abyss-pe command:

$  /usr/local/abyss/1.9.0/bin/abyss-pe  np=10  k=64 name=AbC  -d \

Here is the abyss-map command that abyss-pe executes:

$ abyss-map   -j1 -l64    P_R2_001_val_2.fq.gz P_R1_001_val_1.fq.gz Ab10_10-3.fa \
        |abyss-fixmate   -l64  -h pe150_1-3.hist \
        |sort -snk3 -k4 \
        |DistanceEst   -j1 -k64 -l64 -s200 -n10   -o pe150_1-3.dist pe150_1-3.hist

Is there any way to make abyss-pe run abyss-map multi-threaded, i.e j10 for instance? I thought that abyss-pe will always make j=np, but this is not true. I am using abyss v1.9.






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my wild guess is that abyss-pe is a wrapper to abyss-map, hence the abyss-pe exacutes 10 abyss-map commands in parallel. Can you check with 'top' and see how many programs are being executed ? If you are using np=10, either you should see 10 abyss-map processes or 1 abyss-pe process with 1000% CPU usage. If you just see one process of abyss-map with 100% CPU usage, you need to install the mpirun (openMPI) program properly. If openMPI is not configured properly, some programs silently skips the parallel running and uses single core.

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It is on abyss-map with 100% CPU usage!

But if openMPI isn't installed properly, shouldn't I have had the same problem in the earlier stages in the assembly? All steps before abyss-map were parallelized on the 10 nodes and worked just fine!  
What do you think about running " abyss-pe  np=10 j=10 ...... " ? I tried it in a dry run and abyss-map commands has j10. still didn't test this in  a real run.  


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np=10 should ideally use 10 cores. But in past I saw few programs that silently run on single CPU, without any errors or warnings if mpi is not installed properly. I am not sure about the previous steps, but can you verify that your openmpi is installed properly ?

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benv710 wrote:

Hi malabady,

Use `j=10` in addition to `np=10` in your abyss-pe command line.

`j` specifies the number of threads to use, for programs in the ABySS pipeline that are multithreaded (e.g. `abyss-map`).  `np` specifies the number of MPI processes (a.k.a. "MPI ranks") to `ABYSS-P`, which is the first stage of the ABySS pipeline.  `ABYSS-P` is the only program in the assembly pipeline that uses MPI and it is not multithreaded.  The remainder of the pipeline runs on only a single machine.

Edit: fix typo and clarify that `ABYSS-P` is not multithreaded.

Edit 2: Correction: Use `j=10` *in addition to* `np=10`.  Mention that the later stages of the pipeline only run on a single cluster node.

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I see. But if I use j=10 and not np=10, would't this affect how ABYSS-P is run at early stages of the assembly? how about passing both flags, i.e. np=10 j=10 to abyss-pe?


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Yep, my mistake. In your case, you should use both `np=10` *and* `j=10`.  (I've corrected my answer.) The `j=10` will have no effect on `ABYSS-P` since it is not a multithreaded program.

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