Functional annotation of network of gene-sets
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6.9 years ago
Robert Sicko ▴ 630

I am trying to create a figure similar to Fig 3 (shown below) in this publication. From the supplemental data for the publication, they say "Gene-set clusters were manually identified and annotated." and then go on to explain why they chose to manually annotate them.

I've taken my gene list and gotten significant gene sets from Enrichr, then used EnrichmentMap‚Äč to generate networks in cytoscape, but now I'm stuck on how to make sense of the network. EnrichmentMap recently added automatic annotation. However, the automatic annotation is performed using gene set descriptions - which in my case are not very useful (e.g. "ZFX-18555785-MESC-mouse" from ChEA).

Are there any automated methods of annotating clusters generated by EnrichmentMap based on the genes they contain?


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