Calling SNPs on Bisulphite Data
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8.2 years ago
John 13k

Hello all :)

I have a lot of bisulphite-seq data with really good coverage across the genome, and it seems a waste not to use that data to call SNPs (since a lot of reads in WGBS are non-informative).

Problem is, since Cs are converted to Ts after bisulphite treatment, GATK will probably not only just call a lot of converted Ts as SNPs, but it will likely try realignment and all sorts of other things to properly map reads which are actually already well mapped (via bismark). I fear it could throw off GATK completely.

Why not use BisSNP - the tool for calling SNPs in bisulphite data? Well I will do that too, but it appears that BisSNP does not call indels or do unified calling like GATK does. Ideally I would like to convert all C -> T changes (het and homo) on the forward strand and ALL G -> A changes on the reverse strand, to the reference C or G, and just accept that I will never be able to detect SNPs of that kind.

Does a tool exist that will help me change all my C -> T / G -> A conversions to C/G in the BAM file? Are there other/better ways to do what I'm trying to do?

If I have to write a script that walks through the bam and updates the SEQ to match the reference at that position, I will do so and post it here. I will also post a comparison of bissnp vs GATK once its all done :)

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Hi John, I'm interested in your experience. can you tell me about snp calling on Bisulfite Data? Thanks in advance


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