project_tree_builder.exe not found, problem in configuring build tree of NCBI c++ toolkit
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7.9 years ago
arfaj a ▴ 10

Hello everyone,

I am trying developing a BLAST tool from NCBI c++ toolkit.

First, I follow this link,, that contains steps of using the toolkit.

The steps are:

  1. Prepare development environment: I install MSVC++ 2010 and download BLAST C++ source code.
  2. Choose build scope: I will develop a GUI application so, I choose (shared library solution) from \c++\compilers\msvc1000_prj\dll\build\gui\ncbi_gui_dll.sln
  3. Configuration of build tree: this step is not clear for me. What is the command required to build the tree and from which directory run it.
  4. Build the toolkit: I open the solution and right click on CONFIGURE project but, get this error error : "C:\Users\User\Documents\blast source code\c++\compilers\msvc1000_prj\dll\build\gui\UtilityProjects\..\..\..\..\static\bin\ReleaseDLL\project_tree_builder.exe not found

The main issue arises from the third step which is the configuration. Could anyone help me to solve this problem?

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Any help regarding the above problem please?


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