Immune cell specific data
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5.2 years ago
patvann ▴ 10

Hello! I am looking for the following:

  • B cell specific genes (around 100 or so)
  • Monocyte specific genes (around 100 or so)

I am trying to identify B cells and monocytes from single cell RNA sequencing data. I was able to identify T cells using the T cell specific genes named in this article ( However I am unable to find a similar list for B cells and monocytes.

Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks very much!

Best, Patrick

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5.2 years ago
natasha.sernova ★ 3.8k

I'm not sure they have found about 100 genes for monocytes,

the authors studied different stages of monocyte development:

see the picture and paper below. In particular, "they reported the identification

and characterization of a progenitor of monocytes and

monocyte-derived macrophages. See Figure 8:

and the whole paper below: #

Concerning B-cells.

There were found a lot of B-cell specific genes, again, see the paper below:

the authors have identified 427 "B-cell signature" genes.

Electronic supplementary material inside the paper does provide a list of genes.


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