Definition and formula of methylation heterogeneity
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5.6 years ago
Shicheng Guo ★ 8.8k

Dear All,

Now everybody are talking about methylation heterogeneity? I just wonder what's methylation heterogeneity? Is there any specific definitions and Is there any formula to calculate methylation heterogeneity for a genomic region or CpG site? The question is now different people use different statistic to infer methylation heterogeneity and the formula for each reasearch are different. Is there any most widely accepted concept and formula by mathematician, statistician? Variation? Entropy?



Methylation heterogeneity was calculated by measuring the quantity of methylation values below the hypothetical curve and between 20% and 80% methylation (again multiplied by 100). This methylation window represents the range in which the greatest difference occurs between clonal CLL and healthy lymphocyte (polyclonal) samples. Different variable and fixed methylation heterogeneity window settings were tested and did not significantly change the relative order of methylation heterogeneity sample values or the association of methylation heterogeneity versus outcome

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I come across the same question just like you and what's your choice in the end? thx


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