Can FACSDiva be used without its GUI?
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5.4 years ago
kynnjo ▴ 40

At the time of setting a flow-cytometry experiment with FACSDiva I need to do a lot of manual input in the FACSDiva GUI.

Is there a way to replace all this interactive parameter-setting with the import (by FACSDiva) of a single parameters file? IOW, this parameter file would encode all the settings that I would otherwise input manually through the FACSDiva GUI.

If this is possible, could someone point me to some relevant documentation?

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I'm not sure if this is the best forum for that inquiry (since it's more about a particular instrument than general bioinformatics-related data). I have seen FACSDiva before though, and I think there's a way to create experiment templates for that purpose? It may also depend on the version of the software you have. I think your best bet would be to call up BD's tech support, or track down your local BD rep or tech ask them. The tech that came to fix our machine (he was there at least once a month) was fairly knowledgeable about the software side of things as well.


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