how to convert .geno/.snp/.ind to .bed/.bim/.fam (ped plink format) in Windows
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7.7 years ago
Ghoul ▴ 10

Ok, so I don't have Linux or Unix where the software for geno/snp/ind file formats is made for. Neither can I use convertf to convert it to plink format as, once again, I don't have Linux or Unix to run the program. I tried using Virtual Machine with Ubuntu to run Linux on Windows, but since I'm on a bad laptop, it is way too slow and laggy for me to even use.

Any alternatives? Can someone please, if they aren't any alternatives, and if you don't mind, do it for me? The dataset I want converted:

^ in this file, I want AncientLazaridis2016.geno/.snp/.id converted to bed/bim/fam (ped/map) only. Forget the humanoriginspublic dataset in the zipped file.

Please, and thank you for any help that you can lend to me.

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